Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Welcome to you ALL !

I would like to welcome you all to Tomfeltoninc,
We hope to support Tom in all he does from his acting to his music if he wishes us to but he becomes very shy when you mention his music .

Tom is a warm friendly and charming guy I am one of the lucky ones to have met him .
I hope you will join me here and help support him.
Do you follow him on twitters if  not  why not Ha Ha .
Check him out here follow him  and us and have some fun.
I hope to help to see you there.
Also my lovelies you can find  Tom on facebook  . Here you can leave messages also you may even get a reply if you are lucky.

Tom has two fansites who show him great support  Feltbeats.Com and Tomfeltoneu for all his european fans . Help me to join them in support for this AWESOME   guy loves all his fans from all parts of the world my aim  is to reach these fans . News , photos , and up dates but I want you to help me to I can't cover everything alone so if you find anything I've missed  TELL ME   either here , Twitters, facebook  or email me at Tomfeltoninc@googlemail.com.

Lets support Tom together hes a lovely guy who deserves all the support he gets.



Tom Felton Inc. is an unofficial fan site for Tom Felton.
We do not claim ownership of any photos in the gallery unless stated otherwise.
No Copyright infringement intended.

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