Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tom Felton live at Heart Radio, Harry Potter Studio Tour Opening

Earlier today Tom was invited to an interview  with Jeremy Theakstone and Harriet Scott for Heart Radio. The interview gives us an incite to the Exhibition Tom relived  by Tom  and Jaimie.

The Interview was live from the Great Hall.

Tom took a couple of questions from fans

One from a friend of ours  Nicholle  (Feel_the-Beat-x ) on Twitters

    What was the most embarrassing thing happened during filming?

Tom admitted to having his phone switched on during filming and received RED Cards a few times. Typically Tom  and  Draco to defy the rules (like taking food onto the set no wonder they sewed Tom's pockets up  he! he!

Hannah asked

     If he had the choice what house would he have been in ?

To which Tom replied  That's easy to answer Slytherin.

Tom took a stroll down Diagon Ally with Jaimie  which appeared to be emotional for Tom.

All Harry Potter fans are in for a treat this weekend being Greeted by 12 year old  Draco Malfoy, say  Hi to Arigog and many other exciting exhibits and if you are lucky maybe Tom .

Unfortunately,  I was unlucky to get tickets  and unlike a lot of the Tom and Potter sites I am not allowed to attend in a professional sense.

If you go please tell me all about it and I will feature it here and on   Facebook . Please visit & like my page.

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