Wednesday, 21 March 2012


                                             Who Likes Darry !

I will admit I wasn't  a great lover or shipper of  Darry Trupert & Dramione but I have changed with the times since recently involved with a recent vote for Tom as Hottest Guy at Ology.
Unfortunately Tom came second but to us he is the :

                                   HOTTEST GUY DON'T YOU AGREE

First we had Dramione the love match of Draco and Hermione a love match that would never happen. Many fans wanted to see Draco and Hermione matched both on and off screen. 
Actress Emma Watson did admit during her early years she had a crush on Tom but they are just good friends  but there is always been  rumours. 

There was the introduction of Fan Fictions appearing online about Draco & Hermione, this was followed by Fanfiction about Draco & Harry of an intimate nature. 

Next we had incredible Artistry found on Devientart  also of an intimate nature . Tom's brother found one such pic and Tom has seemed to be amused by big brother  having it as his desk top photo on his computer . Nice one Chis.

Tom luckily with his great sense of humour has accepted all this yet bewildered by the keen interest  fans  have in match making him with Dan as Darry and the subject is always coming up at Q & A sessions. 

Tom last year along with Pal Rupert Grint they joined in, at the premiere of Rise of The Planet of the Apes .

 Photos appeared of Tom signing Rupert's T.Shirt and Tom himself suggested the name Trupert on his Twitter account  and so the fun goes on next we had Drapple. 

                                         So whats it going to be NEXT !

Tom - I heart  Rupert !
Rupert - "I love You Tom, Will you Marry Me"
Tom -" I love you too  Rups. !  Why not   Lets Do It"

I'm sure there will be a lot more heard about Darry, Drapple , Trupert & Dramione . If you have a favourite pic or story Tell me about it and I will post the link , report or pic here on the site  I want to see more and unlike some sites   I Will post  Darry so email me TODAY !


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