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Tom was born 22nd September 1987
Born in Kensington London in the UK.
He is the youngest of 4.
Moved to Surrey and now lives there & LA at the moment but may be one day LA or Maui will be his home. That I believe is his dream.
Siblings Johnny, Ashley (living in Australia) and Chris.
Tom is a talented musician , singer, songwriter
He was a member of a choir when he was younger.
He set up Six String Productions for his music

Tom's a keen fisherman (like Chris), sportsman and still a kid at heart at times
His latest interest is Golf and plays whenever he can especially loves challenging his Potter Pals Rupert , Oliver & James Phelps.  Go for it Tom,
His love for Cricket he shares with his best mate Dan  and in the past they have been spotted by fans .

Tom's faithful friend is Timbers. She is a Cheapesnake Retriever.
He is very protective  of his Gals. I remember he tweeted once that he had a visit to his garden by another dog and chased him/her off with a stick and then felt bad after but then that's Tom for you Now show him a puppy and he turns into a real softy . Last October  he was driving home and sat in the middle of the road was a puppy , Tom stopped and after a chase managed to catch the pup contact the owners and regretfully return the puppy home.
 Maybe Timbers will have a playmate one day!

Timbers is not the only gal in Tom's life there are two others Jade  his lovely GF (Sorry girls) and his mum .
His Mum has been a great support for him . It was a friend of hers that spotted Tom had talent as an actor at an early age and Toms first appointment was for a TV advert in the states. Followed by TV appearances in Second Sight and then films  The Borrowers and Anna & The King . What a cutie he was to .
When Tom auditioned for Harry Potter it was for Harry and his hair was brown , then it was ginger and then finally blond (unknown then that for the next 10 years he would have  to remain so ) At the audition Tom bluffed his way through as he had never read Harry Potter books  but that soon changed.
You can check out his career to date on his  profile on IMDB.

Tom' favourite  food includes Chocolate,  Pancakes (anytime of the day) , MacDonald's, In & Out(In LA)  hates onions, his  mum's cottage pie , ice cream and sweets
One day I will tell you the story about what happened when he had his wisdom teeth out.
You can check out his career to date on his  profile on IMDB.
You can contact Tom here.

Tom is a lover of gadgets  and is an Apple fan - Iphone, Macbook , Ipod , Ipad you name it  he has it.
There is an official Fan site for Tom it can be found here.

Tom loves travelling and has visited many countries around the world representing Harry Potter and his favourite place is Maui one of  the Hawaiian Islands. He even wrote  a song about it called  'Hawaai'
His favourite drink is Jack Daniels and Coke. I think Coca Cola should hire him to promote I'm sure their sales have gone up since Tom has been around.
He hates cheap cider the smell makes him feel sick.
Well I think that gives you an update on Tom's likes & dislikes where to find him and how his career kicked off.
He has a great career ahead of him .

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