Saturday, 24 March 2012


Tom looks set to return home from LA to begin filming in  'Therese Raquin ' in April  as reported by him somewhere in Europe .

He is to star opposite  Elizabeth Olsen  the younger sister of Mary-Kate & Ashley.  Glen Close was due to be included in the cast but has now been replaced by Jessica Lange a disappointment no doubt for Tom and his mum but I am certain Jessica will be an excellent second choice.

Today it has been announced that Oscar Isaacs (no relation to Jason) is to join the cast. He appeared in Drive and just recently Inside Llewyn Davis.  As reported by . Check it out here

Therese Raquin is to be directed by Charlie Stratton  and based on the novel written by Emile Zola
and will be produced by Wiliam Horberg and Mickey Liddell for LD Entertainment.

The Plot

Therese Raquin ( Elizabeth ) is married to Camile (Tom a good guy at last) but the marriage is one of misery financially it's fine but there is a lack of love.  They live with Camile's mother ( Jessica ) who has selfishly matched her adopted niece with her son and hopes for a quiet life.

The family move to Paris and run a sewing shop in a run down shopping gallery. It is at a dinner party Therese is introduced to Laurent (Oscar) a former painter and selfish colleague of Camile. Therese discovers feelings she has never had before and the illicit affair begins. They long to be together but the only way is to get rid of Camile. On an idyllic summer outing, Camille drowns  Laurent attempts to save him but none of the party suspects anything but not even Madame Raquin. The couple marry but it's the sight of Camile's body in the mortuary that haunts the couple. Neither are able to accept what they have done. The ghost of Camile begins to haunt them they see him everywhere. He is even seen in their cat who comes to a nasty end. They would like to fall into each other’s arms, but are unable to do so without seeing Camille’s spectre. 

It can only end inevitably in tragedy but only because the characters acted cowardly in the beginning.

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