Saturday, 31 March 2012

True Bromance at the WB Studio Tour

Tom was scheduled to be interviewed on  Daybreak  for GMTV.

It seems Tom needed to rise early and it was still dark as he tweeted us.

                         I got dressed in the dark as you will see  ..
                           (I wonder who it belonged to  JADE or RUPERT
As you can see here :

This is true Bromance and Tom loves to tease us fans about it.  Together at the premiere of Rise of the Apes they began by Rupert wearing  a similar T shirt and Tom added his own touch by signing his heart away to Rupert. and was caught on camera

 Tom carried on teasing Fans with a further tweet
                               Slept in my tshirt last night 


He really knows what  causes a stir amongst his tweeting fans and he loves it ! !

One Final Photo  Tom LOVES  Rupert  = TUPERT


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