Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tom was Sighted at TOPGOLF Watford the UK

Tom spotted at TopGolf at Watford

Our Elusive Butterfly was spotted at  TOPGOLF yesterday. Fans Fern Shepherd & 
AbbieHarris > ALSO  Arron forwarded this photo of him and Tom  to Feltbeats.Com
Thank you to both for sharing

Twitters has missed our lovely Tom Felton who has been taking a well deserved break before his forthcoming trip to Chicago Comic Con  this weekend. He will be signing  autographs 
Saturday and Sunday  

As usual The event will be covered by Tom's Official Fansites Feltbeats.Com & 
Tomfeltoneu. Both will no doubt provide us full coverage of the event. 
Unfortunately due to events last year our site was lost and  we are no longer
acknowledged as a fansite and I am unable to offer fans
 such exciting coverage and Interviews. Sorry Guys X


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