Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tom is Interested in Ghosts and Goulies

I Found on Utube an interview Tom gave giving Fans a look into the story plot of the Apparition unfortunately the sound is not perfect but take a look Below.

I also found an Interview conducted by The Snitchseeker with Director Todd Lincoln talking about Tom and his Audition for The Apparition . He mentions Tom's enthusiasm and interest in the paranormal. Tom was well informed with the Technical Terms .

Director - Todd Lincoln
Now we know why when attending a Harry Potter Fancy dress Party one Halloween Tom declined to go as a dalmation pup and chose to go as a Ghostbuster. You can see him here with Girlfriend Jade as Cruelle De Ville.

Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters !
Here is the Transcript of Todd's Interview

“His audition was a very bold, effortless, iconic kind of audition. He was great with a lot of the technical terms and on his own he was interested in the paranormal. He watched all these ghost hunter shows and he loves this stuff. And I’d seen him grown as an actor and a person in the Harry Potter films, and he wanted to do something very different and I thought it was cool, this idea of a younger savvier guy being more the leader/expert character with this experiment in this film instead of doing the typical, ‘Okay, here’s the older character actor that you’re going to bring in and pay a lot of money to for two days’. It just seemed like a fresher choice.” 

Tom has an interest like me in the Paranormal.

Thanks for the Interview  The  Snitchseeker 

Don't forget THE APPARITION was released last Friday 24th August in the U.S.A. Show Tom, Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan your support. 

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