Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Q & A Session at the Chicago Comic Con 2012

Finally,  Thanks to The Snitch Seeker  I have a video of  the Q & A  session.

 Please watch and enjoy.

Here are some of the Questions and answers between Tom and his Fans

 A great Q & Session with Tom at the Chicago Comic Con last weekend. We discovered  a few things from Tom. I love how Tom refers to fans as Lovelies.
WHAT IS MENTIONED IN THE ROOM STAYS IN THE ROOM !  Naturally thats why its on here :)
What his Patronise  could be  - A dog ,A Ferret
About the Famous Draco Voldemort Hug and the reaction by audiences in America and the UK.
The Harry Potter Musical- Fan Fiction- Illustrations and suggested ‘Shades of Draco”
His plans with his music- Tom is thrilled to know people like it.
The famous Draco/Vouldi hug. How audiences reacted.
His Role in Planet Of the Apes.
Why British actors play American roles and the American accent.
His Favourite Part of Wizzarding World and the building of it.-  Food & Drink especially sweets
Of Course James Bond was hinted about again by Tom so lets hope hes lucky.
Tom spoke about what roles he has played and hopes to in the near future.
When asked which Potter book was his favourite Tom replied Chamber of Secrets
Broken Wands
How he got the part of dodge in Planet of the Apes.
The continuation of Harry Potter and the Remaking of Harry Potter - Tom has already booked his Part as Lucius Malfoy
Memorobillia - What Tom thinks and does he collect & Tom replied No but would like to.- What the hell is a Bust.?
The most creative thing fans have produced Draco & an apple ?
His opinion on Darry Dramione  Drapple 
Who inspired  and helped Tom whilst filming Harry Potter.-Daniel and Jason named
What it was like Filming Potter  the schedules and emotions 
Twitter request for a friend.- Tom I’ll look out for her or someone will tell me
The famous Draco punch which was a slap and turned into a punch.
The Bromance between Rupert & Tom - he thinks Rupert is a hansome chap.
Hair, of course it had to be mentioned and “getting his Roots touched up” Sounds incredibly true and was a pain in the backside
At school slytherin or Tom - Tom replied ‘Tom’
Tom’s favourite teacher at Hogwarts  Slughorn
The last request from Fan was t hear  ” Potter
Ending up with  a question  about signing - Tom replied Body Parts I’ll leave it up to your Imagination

If there are any fans who attended the Chicago Con at the weekend and want to share.  Please contact me tomfeltoninc@googlemail.com
Tweet me @tomfeltoninc

Thank You X 

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