Thursday, 5 April 2012

Who wants to be in the REMAKE of Harry Potter?

Thanks to the SnitchSeeker and Digital Spy.

Tom , Rupert , Evanna  and Natalia were asked if they would appear in a remake of Harry Potter  in about 10 - 20 years time.

Check out the Video. Here

Tom quipped: "I'm already signed up! Lucius Malfoy will be my part.

"I'm sure these films will last a very long time. I can't see audiences boring of them anytime soon."

Rupert said that the idea of remakes would be "interesting", adding that he would "be quite looking forward to seeing that".

Evanna said that it would be "weird" if the films were remade, but admitted that she would definitely "want in" if it were to happen.

Our lovely Tom was also  interviewed in  the Potions Classroom  by Absolute Radio

Tom is still a Slytherin at heart . Tom's favourite expression through the Interview is  " Lordy .

He also updates us on his next project Therese Raquin which is scheduled to be filmed VERY soon.

Good Luck Tom for all your up and coming projects.

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