Thursday, 5 April 2012

More updates and Videos from the Opening


As promised I can now reveal  what I was excited about.  I found out that two of my friends were going to attend  The Making of Harry Potter Exhibition grand opening  in an official manner  to help out my friend Elizabeth Etoni  who along with her husband work and own Leicester Sq TV.

Rob Connor is a keen Harry Potter fan and we met at a small convention and he has an impressive collection of  Harry Potter Autographs . He has introduced me  to many Harry Potter Actors & Actresses, some I have never realised  were actually in Potter , Like Tom Rob has a crush on Helen Bonham Carter,

GlenWilliams I have only known a short while and is an avid Autograph  collector like ourselves . Together they make this a memorable occassion and seems they had fun interviewing
Glen was the lucky one to interview our Tom  and made it both fun and  entertaining .

Thanks Glen

Here are some more Interviews with Tom at the  Grand opening.

Thanks  RedCarpetNewsTV

Thanks to Hey You Guys.Co.UK

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