Sunday, 22 July 2012


We all know Tom is a virgo and a true Virgo too.
Take a look at the qualities of A Virgo and describes our lovely Tom perfectly.

 #Virgo loves with ALL their Soul. If you're worthy of their love, they'll give themselves fully & unconditionally.

 #Virgo make good spouses and parents.”. Best way to show a #Virgo you still love them is physical interaction.

#Virgo  love hugs & kisses!” Us

 #virgo"s are very Straight foward & honest! We DON’T beat Around the Bush!! a #Virgo is not one to play games with. You've been warned.

If a #Virgo is non-talkative, or hard to get along with.. They probably just don't want to get along with you. This is such a true statement!!

 #Virgo want both friendship and passionate romance from their lovers.

 A #Virgo is naturally curious and enjoy research and exploration. When a #Virgo is hurt, You won't know . They'd rather just keep to themselves rather than tell ...

The #Virgo Friend: You prefer people who are not given to big shows of emotion and are attracted to those who offer a sense of serenity.

 What drives a #Virgo crazy: sitting still for a long time,uncertainty,large crowds,and disrupted schedules.

 #Virgo tend to reach for a perfect relationship with a partner who is strong and sensitive.

 A #Virgo female will become nervous and fretful if you put too much pressure on her.

 #Virgo are easygoing in their nature and this quality of theirs makes them reliable and steady. #Virgo deserves to be acknowledged for being such a good friend.

#Virgo's are very hard on themselves.

#Virgo = Modest and shy..

 Many people think #Virgo's are prudes, but we know better ;)

A #Virgo would do anything and everything for people they care about and expect nothing in return.

#Virgo 's characteristics are analytical, neatness and they possess a very active mind.

 #Virgo can be hard on themselves. At times they need to realize they're worthy & can do whatever they want.

 The #Virgo is stable & grounded.

#Virgo signs are known for their good sense of humor.

 #Virgo Secret Desire: To Love & Be Loved In Return

 #Virgo Life Persuit: To Do The Right Thing

 #Virgo's  can be aggressive & aren't afraid to take the lead or voice their suggestions.

 #Virgo's are likely to keep the same friends for years.

 When in a relationship with a #virgo, personal matters are to be kept private.

#Virgo’s are hard-working, efficient, and thoughtful with a strong moral code.

Best love match for a #Virgo: Taurus or Capricorn.

Always keep things natural with #Virgo No need for props, toys or anything else that distracts.

 #Virgo worries too much about imperfection and sets their standards way too high -- and always falling short which makes them mad.

 #Virgo's are givers, not takers.

 #Virgo's want it all.

 A #Virgo can take it deeper than any other sign.

 #Virgo want both friendship and passionate romance from their lovers.

 #Virgo are charming.

 #Virgo will bend over backwards if it pleases you.

 This makes Virgo the best sign in bed for all those dirty, nasty deeds you have in mind.

 Virgo’s are truth-seeker who love to discuss ideas.

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