Saturday, 23 June 2012

Check our List of things to do for TOM !

We have a list of things to do to help support Tom and his work

Don't forget to  #RespectTomsPrivacy. We are working along side Fan site  TOMFELTONEU to persuade fans NOT to post any private photos of Jade and Tom .
Tom bought it to our attention after his recent panic Tweet  of his own, friends and  Jade's Facebook and emails  accounts being hacked possibly by a fan or fans.  It is horrible to think that A fan would
do that to this lovely guy .

TOM  tweeted to us his appreciation  Via a RT of TomfeltonEU  Tweet
Thanks to everyone helping so much in the project! Alone this would never work!  has an awesome Team Felton!

If you should find any private photos of Tom  please check out what to do  here. We can do this if we all co-operate and stop posting these photos online.



Keep up your support for End 7 to find out ALL we need to do Here on our support page for them.

Don't forget the wiggly worm for your account  AVI . Find out how HERE


VOTE FOR TOM  At  ' The Greats for Britain'

Please head over to  The Greats for Britain Exhibition and vote for Tom who is currently 26th and I have been given to understand by them Tom is on their Short list . 

Lets get him into the Top 20 GREATS FOR BRITAIN . Thanks Guys

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