Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What a lovely end to an Evening

Tom did it again !
Our lovely Tom did it again. !
He recently made fans happy in Belgrade.
Two more fans bumped into  Tom recently,
For Dunja It was a lovely end to an evening bumping into Tom.!
Dunja: It was a suprising end to the night last night, had the pleasure of meeting@TomFelton what a nice guy x

Maria bumped into Tom while doing some Shopping
                                            Maria: Tom Felton and me in Belgrade! :)

Maria stated on her Tumblr

He was so polite and nice but he was in really big hurry with all of this big shopping bags but he anyways took a pic with me! He is very thin indeed.. and not so tall either xD But he has really nice blue eyes :) 

Great Pictures Girls Thanks for sharing XX

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