Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tom Makes another Dream Come True

Tom has made yet another Fan happy today after a 3 hour waiting 
along with her friend in soaring temperatures her wait was 
rewarded .

She not only met Tom  but Jade aswell who took their photo 
when asked for a photo with Jade she declined 
and said " Noo  Tom is famous  not me"

Typical of Jade she declined me as well 
Something I respect but I did sneak some pics  at
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2  But
I have never posted them and gave Tom
A couple at Ring Con



  1. That is me on the left,he was great :)

    1. You were both very very lucky girls and I am so pleased for you he is a lovely lovely guy, :)

  2. lucky!!
    i wish that was me.
    i've waited 13 years
    and when my chance came last year
    i had major issues with my family.
    Somany fights and arguments
    left me crying, and then mum decided to ground me because i kept secrets from her.
    was not a happy person.

    is tom coming to supernova this year?

    1. aw hun sorry for you hope all is sorted . I would love to say yes but I'm afraid I don't know .Hes not even doing anything in the UK its all europeand USA unfortunately at the moment.