Saturday, 1 March 2014

Toms message to Chinese fans

Tom connects with his  chinese friends by sending  visual messages which can be found on Feltbeats.Com.

Sorry I cannot  upload the 2 video messages unfortunately I do not read chinese like all other Fansites .

Message 1 

Ni hao Chinese fans! For me, to become Draco I had to change something about myself, it’s usually the reason fans don’t recognize me in public. Find out what I was hiding in this video.

Message 2

Chinese fans! I love my pet, Timber, so much. What about you guys, do you have any pets?

No doubt next time his visits  the lovely cute Timbers and his girlfriend Jade will accompany him and Timbers will get as much attention as Tom and plenty of back scatches like she gets from Toms many friends in LA

Here is Toms account on Welbo  <@Tom_felton>

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