Thursday, 6 June 2013

Shed Some RAYS of SUNSHINE and Bid for Toms Hat.

As we all know Tom supports a few charities that care about children in various ways - children who are ill, children who suffer due to poor sanitation in third World countries and need education and money to  keep them safe and healthy.

Here in the UK we have Rays of Sunshine a Charity Organisation that makes wishes come true for Children who live with serious or life threatening illness's .

Just recently Tom made one of these wishes come true for Adam who has high risk neuroblastoma.  Tom met Adam  at the Harry Potter WBStudio Tours before going for an audition  and Tom took the time out to have a wand duel with Adam

Whilst he was there he signed a Cap and Badge for Rays of Sunshine  to auction on @ebay.

The auction is now up and running all it takes is one click and bid for Tom's Cap and Badge . 
Please do  this now click HERE.

The Auction Ends on the 9th June 2013 you have 3 days left to be a proud owner of this cap not only signed but worn by Tom -  Good luck guys 

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