Thursday, 18 April 2013

Journal for Ghosts of the Pacific Day3

Welcome to Day 3 of filming . Please check HERE for additional updates and  New photos on Monday  Day one of filming.

We start with the update Tweet  as usual from GHOSTPACIFIC
Set Report: Shoot Day 3 - Work doesn't end when the sun goes down on this set! @ Baja Studios,…

Today with  the preparations for a night film plus the normal filming Garret was the only one to tweet .
Here is his tweet
Shooting this movie is like drama fat camp.
Oh dear Garrett you don't sound sound impressed. I guess you will all have to watch those LBS.

Set Report: Shoot Day 3 - Line Producer Luisa Gomez de Silva christening the new camera barge! @ Baja…

MARK MORAN posted an additional photo of the night shoot and can be seen below. Thanks once again Mark .
If you would like to follow Mark on Twitter you can find him HERE and also Garret on twitter HERE

Mark Tweeted
 30 feet up above Tank 4.
Notice the famous green backcloth commonly used in filming now.

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See you all tomorrow. X

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